Somerset Levels Stargazers is a group of enthusiastic amateur astronomers interested in looking at the stars, planets and anything else in space. We meet at least once a month to pass on our knowledge and share our interest in astronomy with people from the Somerset Levels.

Dear fellow Stargazers

Bob Mizon – 1946-2023

The recent passing of Bob Mizon the Uk co-Ordinator for the BAA Commission for dark skies was very sad and a great loss to the world of Astronomy, the work he did in striving to protect our night skies knew no bounds. Bob a long-time friend and supporter of our club the Somerset Levels Stargazers often gave talks at our meetings and once invited the village school
to his mobile Planetarium and in April 2022 in conjunction with the help of Bob we held a 10th Anniversary event on based on dark skies and light pollution. Our April 2023 meeting was once again to have featured Bob and although we had the option of cancelling, we decided to hold the meeting as a tribute to him and the subject so close to his heart, we will miss him.
Paul Adamson
Somerset Levels Stargazers

We aim to:

  • Give details of Astronomical highlights for the Month ahead including a guide to exploring the Moon, planets and Stars.
  • Have a talk on a different subject each month given by a club member or guest speaker.
  • Look at a prominent figure from the history of Astronomy their life and work.
  • Keep members up to date on any interesting discoveries and events..
  • After our meeting if the sky is clear we conduct an observing session at the back of the hall in the car park.