Somerset Levels Stargazers is a group of enthusiastic amateur astronomers interested in looking at the stars, planets and anything else in space. We meet at least once a month to pass on our knowledge and share our interest in astronomy with people from the Somerset Levels.

During our meetings there will be a presentation on a different topic each month, also we will discuss what will be happening in the skies in the month ahead. In addition we talk about a constellation prominent that month. We also catch up on the latest news from spaceflight and the astronomical world. After our meeting we conduct an observing session on site under dark skies if the sky is clear. Tea and coffee will be provided.

Our next meeting will be on the 31th October 2018 and will begin our journey of the apollo missions along with a talk from Bill Reed. We hope to see you there.

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To help cover costs, we ask members to pay either £2.50 per month, or alternatively take out an annual membership at a cost of £20.00.