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Image of the Broom Nebula NGC6960. Taken over the last few nights using Ha and Oiii filters.

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If you have anything you would like to add please email it using the clubs hotmail address.

I have a Sky Watcher 6 inch telescope, with motor control, stand and regulated power supply, for sale. In excellent condition, hardly used.
If you are interested, please contact me. Jim Fuller, 07413618023.

Regards.Jim Fuller

Price £300.

Thought I would post my image of m81 m82. Spent way too long trying to get any colour out of my data. Have decided this will do for now and will add some Ha data at some point. Hope you like it. Mark.

Hope you all are well. I was just mucking around tonight and decided to try and image a comet just for fun. After running off a load of 5 second images I tried using pixinsight to make a quick video and it appears I have caught the comet flashing in the night sky. Sorry I could not manage to upload the video but the link will take you to one online.

Comet Flash

All the Best

Ian Campbell has 23 copies of the FAS Astronomical Calendar 2020. This is a 64 page A5 glossy publication and if any members would like a free copy Ian has offered to have one posted out to you. This will be on a first come first served basis but please let us know if you would like one by using our normal club email address, please include your name and postal address where you would like the calendar posted.

We all hope you are all well and enjoying the great weather and clear nights.

SLS Comittee.

Hi all,

I trust everyone is well. Please forward this on to anyone who may be

Richard and I are going wireless in that I built an RPi4 box which I have
managed to connect to the skywatcher mount and Pegasus focus adjuster this
afternoon. The camera and wheel will be a piece of cake by comparison. I
bought a Pegasus EQDirect Bluetooth box, anticipating that the RPi would not
be able to handle the mount but that is no longer needed. They are now
selling for only £40 so if anyone in the club wants it, a bottle of wine
would do just fine. When life returns to normal, I would be happy to do a 10
minute slot describing the new setup. I would guess that going wireless cost
about £100 and was a bit of fun, building and modding the RPi etc. etc. As
it removes any tension from trailing cables and will make slewing
worry-free, especially an unattended meridian flip, it’s the way to go as
they say. I expect better tracking too.

The device is about the size and weight of a matchbox and is compatible with
the list of mounts below. A DB9 adapter is included.

RJ45 Cable type

* Skywatcher HEQ5

* Skywatcher AZ-HEQ5

* Skywatcher AZ-EQ6

* Skywatcher EQ6-R

* Skywatcher EQ8

* Skywatcher EQ6-R Pro

DB9 Cable type

* Skywatcher EQ6

* Skywatcher NEQ6

All the best

Brian Fraser

I have removed Brian's contact details but if you are interested please email us using our club email and we can pass on your details to Brian and I'm sure we all can't wait to see some of Brian's images :).

This is my first image using pixinsight so lots of trial and error. M51 whirlpool galaxy. 10 x 120s exposures LRGB using the sw130pds and asi1600.

One more in Narrow Band. IC 410 and NGC 1893.

This may be the last for a few days looking at the clear outside website. M101 in LRGB.

For Sale : Starlight Xpress USB Mini Filter Wheel With Off Axis Guide Port

The wheel has been upgraded to the very latest firmware and comes with the 5 x 1.25" carousel. The wheel is in mint condition and has been kept in a proper dome or a sealed box when not in use. The OAG port allows the optional use of the SX Lodestar camera or similar, ahead of the filter.

I am looking for £200 or a sensible offer and am happy to deliver within a 50 radius of Taunton or can post it. Needless to say, delivery will be mindful of the Covid-19 restrictions and it will be very well protected if delivered by post / courier. (I may also have the original packaging somewhere)

I am upgrading the whole image train so there's a genuine reason for the sale.

Brian Fraser (mobile number removed, please contact Brian through the clubs email address.)

Just to let you know I saw the infamous Starlink this evening c 20.10...counted at least 8 satellites before I got chilled and had to go in!...due east south of Leo.
Emily Emily Burtenshaw.