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AstroBuySell Buy and sell astro stuff. This is a really good site for second hand kit and I would highly recommend you have a look. Beware the bargains get snapped up quickly.

clear outside
Your local 7 day weather forecast for Astronomers just enter your location.
ModernAstronomy Modern Astronomy. A really good site for a large range of equipment. If you have any questions you will find Bernard very knowledgeable and helpful.

Dew Control
Stamp out that dew in a cost effective way. Feel free to contact Tim for any questions.
Astronomy picture of the day, huge archive of images.
Cadas Campaign for dark skies, Protecting our dark skies from Light Pollution.
FAS Formed in 1974, The Federation of Astronomical Societies was conceived as a sort of union of astronomical societies, groups, and individuals, liasing together, where practicable, for their mutual benefit
spacenews See the daily Sun, Images from around the world and other interesting articles
heavens above Satellite,International Space Station,Iridium Flares, comets and more find out what's going on in the sky tonight. Crewkerne and District Astronomical Society.
A local Astro Club to which we have close tie's.
the sky live The Sky Live. Find comets asteroids and more.
merriott Meteor detection network plus much more.
skyatnight The worlds favorite Astronomy magazine.
ens ENS Optical. A really good second hand astronomy equipment dealer if your not sure about something speak to the owner Steve.
astroboot AstroBoot. Astro stuff bits and bobs really cheap.

A page containing information about astro imagaing.

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