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2022 Meetings

The club would like to start by saying a big thank you to John who has over the last two year allowed us access to his zoom account and I would also like to thank those to have joined us over this period and hope you have all enjoyed our meetings.

As we start to all move on with our lives we are aware that many people prefer to remain on zoom so it is now necessary for us as a club to purchase our own zoom license.

As from now we are going to ask anyone who joins to make a donation to help towards the costs of running our meetings (zoom, speakers, hall hire).

We feel a small donation of £1.50 should hopefully just cover our costs and hope you all agree that this is a reasonable amount to ask. Of course should you wish to donate more this would be more than welcome.

We are now starting to charge members visiting the hall and the monthly fee is £2.50 a month or £25 for the year.
Should anyone have any question or wish to discuss this more please use the email link shown.

Bank details will updated.

Here are details of this month's Zoom meeting ..we hope you can join us

Topic: Somerset Level Stargazers monthly meeting

Join Zoom Meeting

All you have to do is log onto the meeting at the time specified, or just before. You will, because of the latest security measures introduced by Zoom this month, have to wait to be “admitted” to the meeting. John will do this as you join.

For those who may never have used Zoom before, here is some information that might help.

Setting up Zoom

When you first click the link, it will advise that if the Zoom app is already installed you can click on “Join the meeting” and it will take you right into it. If it is the first time of using Zoom on your particular device, it prompts you to download the app, either directly from Zoom for a PC/laptop, or from Google Play if it is an Android device or iOS if an i-Phone or Mac device.

Alternatively you can go to any browser and type in

That will also take you directly into Zoom – when you have accepted the cookie notice, you can then enter the meeting ID number above. That will automatically download the file which you can then activate.

Follow the instructions from there and you can get connected. It may be worth your while getting set up to join the meeting before the actual time (at any time to suit you) so that you can get into it right away. We will start hosting the meeting 10 minutes before the due time. If you join in before that you will get a message to confirm that we have not started the meeting yet, but if after that it should be live.

Please note that with the latest Zoom security features, you need both the meeting code (which you can get by just clicking on the link and that connects you to the meeting) and then the Passcode (please see email for details). When you join, as the host We will see that you are waiting to be “admitted”. We will then “admit” you. You should set your video to on if you want to be seen, and also you will probably be asked at some point as you join if you want to connect using the computer audio. Answer yes to that question if prompted.

For those who want to check how to join a meeting using your particular device, see the information in the attached link with a short video that explains what to do – the page also shows how to connect using a Windows PC or Laptop, Mac, Android or iOS device.>

Wells and Mendip Astronomers meeting

I have been in touch with the Chairman or Wells and Mendip Astronomers in regards of sharing on-line meetings for both our clubs to enjoy. We have often worked in collaboration with WMA at events run by them as they have in return for us, members of the club have also given presentations to us before and Hugh Allen the Chairman who was due to talk for us last month will be doing his talk on-line for us at a later date.
Here are the details of this Saturdays WMA talk given by a good friend of ours who you will remember Jo Richardson.
WMA will be will be sent details of the May SLS meeting in return.
Hope you enjoy it.

As part of her work as a UK Space Ambassador within the Tim Peake Primary Project Outreach and Education Team, Jo has met Tim Peake and looked in depth at his experience on the International Space Station. So we're delighted that Jo has agreed to give her fantastic talk 'On Board the ISS' as a webinar next Saturday 16th May at 7pm. Here is the invitation. Please feel free to share with family and friends who may also be interested but please do not publish the link on social media:

WMA is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: On Board the ISS
Time: May 16, 2020 07:00 PM London

The full details of the zoom meeting will be sent to all members via email nearer the time of the meeting.


Zoom meetings

After last nights successful online meeting using zoom I would just like to thank all those that put it all together and congratulate them on a great evening. I am sure future meeting will take place with the possibilities of inviting in some guest speakers. Watch this space for details on the next meeting and please feel free to join in..

Please also find the power point presentation by Paul for May.

Please find Pauls talk on April's night sky