Somerset Levels Stargazers is a group of enthusiastic amateur astronomers interested in looking at the stars, planets and anything else in space. We meet at least once a month to pass on our knowledge and share our interest in astronomy with people from the Somerset Levels.


The monthly meetings of the Somerset Levels Stargazers take place on the last Wednesday of every month except December at 8.00pm in Othery Village Hall, Fore Street, Othery TA7 0QU Everyone welcome.

Each month we will:

  • Inform members about highlights in the night sky over the coming month.
  • Have a talk on a different subject each month given by a club member or guest speaker.
  • Look at the Apollo Moon missions leading up to and beyond the first Moon landing 50 years ago.
  • Give all the latest Space News from the World of Astronomy.

We ask attendees to pay only £2.50 per meeting, or alternatively take out an annual membership at a cost of £20.00. Tea and Coffee are provided and if the sky is clear after our meeting we can conduct an observing session at the back of the hall in the car park. We hope to see you there.



Main Subject

30th January

Paul Adamson

Legends of the stars

27th February

Dennis Butcher


27th March

Bob Mizon



Is there anybody up there

24th April

Richard and Sue Horsham

Giai and the Galaxy

29th May


Martin MBE

Black Holes:

26th June

Jo Richardson

Space Ambassador

Esero–uk FRAS

On Board the I.S.S.

Life and work

in space

31st July

John Martin


Apollo 11:

The first Moon landing

28th August

Mark Woodland


Space X

Rise of the Falcon

25th September

Mark Horton


Nothing to it!

30th October

Paul Adamson


The winged messenger

27th November

John Martin MBE

Dennis Butcher


Conspiracy theories

No December meeting



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website http://www.somersetlevelsstargazers.co.uk/ find us on facebook


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To help cover costs, we ask members to pay either £2.50 per month, or alternatively take out an annual membership at a cost of £20.00.